Competition Throwing Axes

Razor Series

The Razor throwing axe is made from high-quality plate steel using state-of-the-art technology. A computer operated plasma cam first cuts out each individual piece, which is then migwelded together. After, each edge is meticulously hardened and tempered, ensuring it won't break like some foreign-made axes. Every Razor axe features the Precision Axes "P" mark in the eye of the axe.

Razors come standard with a painted black head, an American Hickory handle and a 5/32” drift pin for safety. As with all of our products, every axe is hand-crafted by a member of our family-run business.

Available Models


The original and most popular axe. The Razor is approximately 3.5lbs in total weight, has a 28” American Hickory handle and 6” bits.

Razor Light

This model is well suited for young adults and female competitors. The Razor Light is approximately ½lb lighter than the original Razor. It features a 28” American Hickory handle and 6” bits.

Razor One-handed

For those who prefer to throw one-handed, this Razor was developed with a 4" shorter handle.

Razor Junior

This axe is for the up-and-coming thrower. The Razor Junior is approximately 2lb in total weight with only 5” bits and a 23” American Hickory handle. Please note: The weight and size of this axe are not compliant with most competition regulations.

Razor Hawk

This is a single bit model of the Razor Light. It has an 18” American Hickory handle and includes a handmade, hand-stitched leather sheath.

Axe Sheaths

We offer a line of handmade sheaths to fit every axe model. Each is crafted from 9oz veg-tan leather and stainless steel rivets and snaps.


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